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Monday, September 03, 2007

Randomness for 9/2/2007

* I'm getting promoted to "trainer" status! That raises my pay by about $.75-$1.00/per hour when I'm training people plus I'll be getting the ultra rare "Jiminy Cricket Trainer" pin! I'm actually happier about this because I've been REALLY frustrated with the quality of people's training lately. I mean I had awesome trainers so others should too right? My training to become a trainer begins next week and apparently involves a scavenger hunt at one of the parks. More on this when I know more.

*Dear Democratic Party,

Hey if you don't want my vote that's fine. I can go elsewhere. It's no skin off my back. I'm pretty sure history is gonna make you look monumentally stupid for so casually dissing a highly populated state full of moderates but hey, it's your money and your choice. Do as you please. Oh and memo to all the candidates: Not really impressed with the display of guts you all are showing by going along the party line. Don't pretend like you're not gonna care more about Florida than Iowa in twelve months, and you WILL care when we vote red. I promise you that.

* Battlestar Galactica, which may seriously be the best show television will ever produce, is once again being screwed over by the Sci-Fi channel. "So you want to end the show with the upcoming fourth season?" the cable network says. "Well that's fine. We'll just continue to milk you for all you're worth by splitting the season in half and showing the second half in 2009!" You can hear the evil laughter from here. Way to build fan loyalty Sci-Fi.

* My favorite movies of this summer were Ratatouille and Stardust. Just so you know.

* I'm planning on working on a short story about life at the World of Disney. It might take awhile to write out but I hope to post a rough draft some time in the next week. It'll be fictionalish (new word time!) with a dose of fantasy mixed in. No I haven't read Kingdom Keepers yet but I'm certainly interested. Any thoughts and suggestions are always welcome.

Comic Recommendation of the Week

Jonah Hex #23 comes out this week and really there's no bad month to pick up Jonah Hex. Hex is a DC western comic with no real continuity so you can read each issue, usually a one-and-done story, without having to read previous issues to understand what's going on. If you like quality western stories with a little grit in them you should give this a try. This issue has guest art by Jordi Bernet, so BONUS!

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Brown Eyed Girl said...

You got promoted to trainer almost 4 months ago.
You think it might be time to update the blog?

I MUST know what is going on in your life :)