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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Where We Introduce The Future

It's feels weird writing an introduction to a blog I've written in a couple of times. Originally I planned this for something else while I continued writing in my Live Journal. I wrote in my LJ for the last six years while I was in college and working with the Central Florida Wesley Foundation but now that I've moved on I feel like this is a good time to start something different. Now that I've entered the stage of my life where I'm working for Disney and making new friends I feel like a new blog is in order. See I love stories and connecting with people and at Disney I get a lot of both. For example just today I met a couple that was preparing to celebrate the first birthday of their child by throwing a large birthday celebration, something that is important in their culture for establishing the community's interest in the child's future. I love learning this stuff and having the ability to share it with others. Now I'm no Studs Terkel but I do like writing so I'll be posting on here whenever I can and I have something I want to share. This will be where you can get the latest updates on my life. I'll be sharing my opinions on stuff in pop culture and politics if you're interested in that sort of thing in addition to a little bit of Disney history and insider knowledge. Also, I'll be working on writing my own stories. I'm not the best writer but I hope anyone reading along will enjoy and comment with your own thoughts and opinions.

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John Mitchell said...

hell ya bro, write on! hope you are well! keep adding stuff to this page ... write all about the weird things people do around you and the gross stuff too, I saw tons of gross things when I was at Disney ... poo on the ground, etc. miss you bro!