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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tuckenie on Cultural Lies: The Apology

Dear Sir,

I had a crazy week. A really crazy week. I'm sure compared to your's it was nothing but for me I think I grew a lot and that pains me considering my birthday is coming up. At my school we had a 24/3 prayer initiative that united several Christian campus ministries together and it was simply incredible. Communing with God is always a great experience but somehow this week was different for me. I didn't feel closer to the Lord specifically and I didn't see anything radical take place that most people would be impressed with. Rather I think I grew in my understanding of God's heart. Just a little bit mind you. I still have a long way to go. But I have to do something now. Something I find difficult but necessary.

I have to apologize to you Mr. President.

See I don't particularly like you. I'm sure you're a great guy outside of Washington and I bet you're great at BBQ's but I find many of your policies to be close minded and negative. I don't particularly want to get into anything specific but suffice to say I'm not exactly voting Republican in November.

Yet I see the media coverage of the world right now and I can't help but think that somewhere we've gone wrong. I'm not just talking about Iraq or Afghanistan or 9/11 or Bill Clinton or that time Andrew Jackson brought a bull-whip to a duel. I'm talking about how we approach issues and inform each other. Everything seems biased these days. It seems like our entire culture is based on cynicism and power struggles. Nobody can be allowed to get an edge so as much mud is slung as possible to avoid an upsetting to the balance of power. It's like we don't even remember the point of government anymore. It's not about public service anymore it's about getting one over on the opposition.

I see this and I see how I approach you. I see what you're faced with. The other night I was praying for you and I was confronted with just a taste of the pressures you have to bear. I saw the darkness that threatens your soul and the hounding of a world driven by greed and instant gratification. I can cook a hotdog in thirty seconds Mr. President so how come our boys aren't home yet? It's like we don't even remember that it took six years for our own independence to be won. You have people crying out for your blood and declaring you to be the ultimate representation of evil. It's as if they think that will change your mind. I don't blame you anymore sir. I'd refuse to listen to people saying those things about me as well.

This is what we've driven ourselves to in this country. We believe in freedom of speech, as long as you aren't saying something people don't like. We believe in the freedom to practice our chosen religion, as long as it doesn't offend the other people present. We believe torture is wrong, until our security is threatened. We believe the press is free to do whatever it wants, including destroying our lives.

Yet do we have free speech when Satan controls the words? Do we have a free press when the dollar controls the content? Is a religion free when it devotes itself to politics?

Something else is needed in this country Mr. President and it is needed now starting with you. We need God sir, and if you want to show yourself to be the leader you claim to be then you can start on your knees crying out to him. The time for this hatred and despair has been too long and we need to turn to something only the greatest of men reach for, love. God is found in love and that's what I plan on showing to you for now on. I don't agree with you and I won't vote for you, but I will respect and love you George W. Bush. And I will pray for you. I will pray that the light of wisdom and knowledge will reach you. I will pray that your heart will embrace the love it needs. I will pray that prophetic words guided by love will reach your ears. I will pray protection over your thoughts and actions and that you will be blessed with success. I will pray these things for you not only because your blessings are our country's but also because I sense you really need someone who prays for you out of love and not because of your agenda. I believe you and all our other leaders have been corrupted by a spirit of darkness that must be cleansed for our country to heal. And I believe the only answer to the problems gripping our world are the servants of the most high crying out for him to move across the land and declare his kingdom.

I apologize to you for breaking one of the greatest commandments for I have not loved you as myself or as Christ loves me. I ask only for your grace and forgiveness.

Flying with Christ,

Vallen C. Tucker ><>

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Random Postage

And for this week's example of "What's wrong with the world?"

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Collective head slap anyone?

In other news, I hate midterms.

In other other other news, one day you may be driving around in this:

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